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Choreographers are born when a person has a lot to say, but feels like words aren't enough to articulate their message. The job of a choreographer can appear very romantic. The reality is that being a choreographer is hard and taxing. It requires getting your hands dirty and it means that you are opening up every single part of yourself for judgement. When things go well it feels like the most perfect job in the world. When the choreographic process or final product leave you underwhelmed it feels like an incredible amount of wasted time and energy. The beautiful thing about being a choreographer is that there is always room to grow and mature.

I firmly believe that it is possible for anyone to be a creator. Just like there are technique enhancers, there are choreographers and teachers who are accomplished choreography enhancers. I have been assisting choreographers to reach the fullest versions of their visions for almost a decade. The process of helping others dive deep into their choreographic works is something I'm passionate about. I find it truly invigorating. Over the last ten years I have worked with choreographers of all ages and at all stages of their careers. Students and young creators are often who I find to be some of the most interesting people to work with. However, anyone who is embarking on a creative endeavor is someone who makes my brain tick!

I hope through this website and the services I have to offer, that you will find new ways to think, feel, and create. I hope I can help you allow your inner artist to play and learn how to make different choices. It's my wish that you will find something inspiring while also receiving concrete information to elevate your own work of creativity.

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