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Why You Should Look to the Four Hogwarts Houses When Choreographing

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite persons in the world. The depth of creativity that lives in her mind is incredible. She isn’t simply an author, she’s a creator. It’s natural to want to draw inspiration from the works of creators you admire. I’ve immersed myself in the world Rowling has created since I was a little girl. Whenever I start to feel lost in my creative process, Harry Potter is the first place I turn.

Gryffindor values bravery and daring. When choreographing, there will be times when you need to take a risk. Looking to Gryffindor in those moments will help you to make braver and bolder decisions. It will help you to find confidence in a moment that could otherwise be intimidating. Gryffindor gives you courage and that is something you absolutely need when putting your innermost thoughts, feelings, and ideas out on a stage for everyone to see.

Hufflepuff values dedication and patience. The choreographic process is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be extremely difficult. During moments of frustration, I look to Hufflepuff. It reminds me to stick to it and not give up. Hufflepuff also reminds me that I should be patient with myself and the dancers I’m working with. Sometimes things don’t get interpreted in the way you imagined. During those moments you have to dedicate yourself to working through the knots and be patient with the time it takes to make your work feel right.

Ravenclaw values knowledge and wit. Understanding and being knowledgeable about what you’re creating is extremely important. You need to be an expert on your piece of choreography. If it is about a particular topic, you need the knowledge to back up your choices. If your work is abstract you still need to understand why you chose that route and where your inspiration came from. No one should understand your work better than yourself. Sometimes choreography and creating can become very serious. I often look to Ravenclaw when I find myself getting too caught up in my “dark and twisty” feelings. I believe wit is underrated in the dance world. To be cheeky and make someone laugh is one of the most powerful tools a choreographer can have. Whether it’s a genuine moment with your dancers in rehearsal, or a constructed moment on stage, the power of a laugh is infectious.

Slytherin values ambition and resourcefulness. Ambition has become one of my favorite words over the past few years. As a choreographer, I love to make ambitious plans and goals for my pieces. It helps to challenge me in new ways and inspire me to rise to the occasion. You can always scale down and there is nothing wrong with saying “okay, this is a little too much.” The point is that you went for it! Resourcefulness is a quality and a tool that every single choreographer should figure out how to use. Being a resourceful choreographer means knowing how to use the people around you, and your own knowledge, to create the best work you can. It allows you to use past experiences to inform your present. It helps you to understand the talents that lie within your dancers. Resourcefulness is a key to help you unlock your vision.

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