• Lauren Carnesi

How to Use Spotify to Find New Music

Music choice is one of the most important selections you will make when choreographing a new work. It can literally make or break the overall impact of your dance! If you're like me, then you're constantly on the hunt for something fresh and new. Whether you're sitting at a competition, a college student work presentation, or simply watching dance videos on instagram, I know you've thought, "Again! Ughhhhhhh," when a certain song (or 15) comes on! It's very hard to create something that is powerful for an audience when they already have pre-conceived notions and opinions about the song you are using. You simply can't erase their experiences and memories.

Last summer we produced our first student choreography showcase at The Warehouse Theatre @ E-Street. I created a few posts with videos and written tips for the students who wanted to participate. Today I'm going to share the video I made about how to use Spotify to find new music with you. The video was meant for children ages thirteen to eighteen, but it contains some great information and is definitely worth a view! Check it out!

I hope this video was helpful and look forward to hearing what you think! Have a question?Let me know!

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